Rachel Bell Photography

In 100 words or less, who are you?

  • an artist
  • a creative
  • a traveler
  • a mom
  • a "think outside the box-er"
  • a doer and giver
  • a "type A wrapped in a type B burrito"
  • a friend
  • a teacher
  • a free-spirit
  • a go-getter
  • an adventurer

I am grateful for all the love that surrounds, all the twists and turns and all the little moments. In the words of one of my favorite photographers...

"It's more than being aware of the moments, you have to dance with the moments..." Joe Buissink

What is it like working with you?

I know it is a bit cliche' to say that, out of all the wedding professionals you select, your photographer is the one you will spend the most time with...but there is much truth in that saying. We truly ARE with you from start to finish and you really need to feel completely comfortable. The relationship we will build and the trust you feel in me are the most important things (along with treasured images, of course!) I bring to our time together...and beyond. I collaborate with you, not bulldoze over you, as this is YOUR day that you are trusting me to document for you. From our first meeting to your wedding day to the continued relationship beyond, getting to know who you are, what you love, what your vision is, how you want to look back on your wedding and see visually...this is my focus. We can be creative, goofy, emotional, happy...together. I love to hear your ideas and share in your happiness. I am up for any adventure. I love to be light in the fun moments, a calming presence if anything unexpected happens, an advocate when you need it and a caring professional...always.

How did your love affair with photography begin?

As an elementary school student, we made pinhole cameras and I fell in love with light and the art/science of manipulating light. As a high school student, I started documenting inner city life in New York City and Washington, DC and I fell in love with the ever changing realities of humanity that my camera was able to capture in one powerful, storytelling image. In college, I photographed a group of skateboarders, all in mid-air at the same time and all with expressions of surprise, awe, pride and concentration. I was hooked!

Since then, I have worked extensively with film photography as well as digital. I remain a documentary photographer, at heart, and prefer to let your story unfold as it will, with minimal interruption. My style is purposeful with a "watch and wait" mentality so that each image truly shows life and it's precious moments. I am also a world traveler, in love with the landscapes of this Earth, and often blend the surrounds in to tell a fuller story of your day. My landscape work can be found on Instagram at:


What else should we know about you?

I am a mom to 3 amazing teenagers who fill my life with love and make my heart happy.

I am also a teacher trying to help young kiddos see all the goodness that lies within as well as all the great things they can accomplish in this world.

I am a world traveler and my dream is to one day, head in one direction, around the globe, and not stop again until I reach home via the opposite direction.

I love chocolate and goat yoga and Bollywood movies and all things Jane Austen.

Sedona is my happy place.

I treasure my time with family and friends. They are my people and fill my soul with joy.

I am an extrovert and love a great gathering but I am also an introvert and love curling up, by the fire, with a good book and my two dogs.

I love life...