As we look forward to the return of warm weather, green grass, sand in the toes and SUN…lots and lots of sun, here’s another fun thing to look forward to – your senior session adventures!

If you are an upcoming senior in the Greater Portland area (and beyond) or you know one, I would absolutely LOVE to help you with your senior pictures.

WHY book a session now, in the middle of the winter, when we’re still elbows deep in snow? Isn’t this a little early to think about senior pictures? Good questions and it may seem that way, but there are GREAT reasons why booking now is a really good thing to do. Visit my journal post: Why is it Important to Book Your Senior Session Early? and it will make a lot more sense.

Plus…50% off of your session fee if you book a summer/autumn session before May 1st.


Yup, really!

Now I just HAVE to book! What are my first steps? Another great question! Here’s how to start the process and secure your preferred date:

  1. Call (207.650.6420) or email ( to arrange a date that works well for your schedule.
  2. Once a date is set, your contract will be drafted for review and signature.
  3. A retainer is due with your contract and the balance is due at your session date. **payment plans are available and advance payments are accepted.
  4. You will received more detailed information on how to best prepare for your session. We will also have an informal pre-consultation, a week before your session, where we will finalize the locations of your choice and I will answer any questions you may have.
  5. Show time! Come to your session ready for an adventure and tons of fun! You may bring friends, family members, significant others, a pet…whomever you’d like.

So, this winter, as the snow is flying…think happy warm thoughts and about having a fun senior picture adventure.

I’m SO excited to meet you!