Anyone who has ever set their mind to a really BIG task will tell you something like this – stay true, hang in there, you’ve got this, you’ll get it done, DON’T GIVE UP…even when you want to pack it all in, hop on the first plane to Tahiti and open a beach-side coconut stand. However, I did not scream “Uncle!” and it was SO worth it! Of course, I’m saying this now, while delirious, hopped up on coffee and chocolate AND after 22 hours (straight) of being fused to my studio chair (still in PJs) while finalizing the details on our new website and journal.

…and here she is!

Rachel Bell Photography – re-imagined, re-modeled and re-freshed! I am thrilled to present this labor of love that is actually filled WITH love. It takes bravery to make a change…but I know this new hello (and all the work that went into it) is well worth it!

Please, come stroll around and stay a while. I’m glad you came to visit…