Hi there high school Junior! 

About this time of year, you’re probably trying to stay warm, in the middle of your team’s sporting season or even thinking about getting ready for your spring SATs and starting college visits…but when is a good time to book your senior pictures??

The short answer is: NOW!

I get asked this question all the time and the truth is…it’s never too early to book your session. Here are some things to consider, when planning for your senior pictures: 

Dates book fast…as in REALLY fast! Often times, I book 2-4 months in advance and prime weekends and holidays go first. Sometimes I do have a last-minute cancellation, but better to be prepared and have your date (and back-up rain date) in place as soon as possible. 

Weather in Maine can be unpredictable, so making sure that we book a date for your session AND a back up rain date, is super important. Doing so early will ensure you have the pick of the days available and you can fit your schedule better. 

The autumn is such a busy time and is often the start of fall sportswhich means practices, practices and more practices…as well as games. Booking early and doing your senior pictures during the summer months makes your experience MUCH more relaxed and stress-free as you are not trying to schedule (and reschedule if the weather goes south) your session with so many other things going on. 

Yearbook deadlines sneak up much faster than you thinkand often occur at the same time all that “beginning of the school year” stuff is also going on. If you book your session for the summer, or even late spring, you’ll avoid missing your deadline. 

If you’d like to book a session or have any questions, please pop over to my journal entry: Here We Go Class of 2021! for more details and specials.